I have been painting landscapes for almost 15 years, since I graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. It was an aspect of painting I knew nothing of. I began painting the surroundings of my home, always at a walking distance, using home-made egg tempera and paper.

I painted from observation, and kept doing so on a daily basis, returning to the same places again and again. Each and every home became a new episode of landscapes and offered new compositions of light and atmosphere.
Outdoors landscape painting is a journey, beginning with the preparation of the colours and the paper, then walking to the spot which I plan to paint, and finally painting – in changing weather and circumstances. The choices I make along this journey are as practical as they are artistic, such as finding a shadow to sit under, or handling a tempera, thinner or thicker than anticipated.
I look upon this process of painting and repainting the same views as a kind of visual diary, expressing and documenting changes in and around me. I change, the landscape changes, and the painting changes as well. All those and more create paintings that are always new to my eyes and understanding.
After having lived in the upper Galilée for almost ten years, I recently moved with my family to Pennsylvania. Now my studio overlooks the woods and hills of Chester county, and the winter of 2017 is the beginning of a wonderful and new period, full of challenges and beauty.
I am a proud member of a young family, consisting of mom, dad and three little kids. Last but not least- one Australian Shepherd, who walks with me when I paint and probably knows a lot about drawing and painting without ever being able to tell anyone about it.

My paintings are offered at an affordable price and can be purchased at exhibitions, in my studio, or via the Internet.
I sell my art at an affordable price because I truly believe original art should be available to all art lovers. It gives me great pleasure to paint and have my paintings purchased by art lovers from all around the world.

Please feel free to contact me via my:
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Email: shirley@shirleykanyon.com

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self portrait 20.2.2007 feb08 22.5X17 tempera on paper 2801085small self portrait 1.2.2007 self portrait 10.8.2001

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