Shirley Kanyon

Original paintings and drawings


Hello creativity explorers and art lovers!Thank you for taking the time to observe and appreciate my art.

Many years ago, before the days of the internet, I had a dream: I wanted to become the village artist. In my vision, I would paint and evolve in my perception and expression from one painting to the next. The people of my village would be engaged in my artistic journey, inspired by it and would enjoy the fruits of my creativity by simply choosing and receiving paintings that they love. I imagined those paintings ending up on walls, kitchen counters, bookshelves and bedsides. Others might become a precious gift to a beloved person. Who knows? Life is a journey and a wonder.The common concepts of our culture connect original art with money, turning it into an asset only few can afford. Original works of art end up in vaults and storage places and many people, who are sensitive and observent and will benefit from the presence of original art in their lives, grow to believe that it is beyond their financial abilities to acquire it. This is the art market game of our era. I acknowledge the great importance of an original work of art. I felt it myself – observing it, living with it. Original art makes a difference: it radiates energy, liveliness, thoughts and emotions. Its actual presence is a constant source of inspiration. It echoes and connects us to deeper and higher levels of existence, beyond the mundane.No longer bounded by geographic distances, I now search for my true villagers. We might not share the same land, but we share a love. By doing so, I choose to play a different game. A whole new game, with a different set of rules.Here is my game: I wish for my paintings to be in the hearts and homes of art lovers, people who purchase art from fine art galleries and people who don’t. I wish to inspire people, simply by doing what I do best – painting and connecting people with my paintings, finding the ones that resonate with their thoughts, dreams, and emotions.

My painting professor and mentor used to say that the easiest thing to do is to not create. Everyday life, he used to say, is like a strong current. It takes effort, deliberate effort, to ingrain your passion and turn it into a habit. Then you need to take the habit a step forward and make it your nature. I have spent the past couple of decades doing just this – making painting my nature. Every painting I paint is a unique creation, as observant and accurate as it is carefree and expressive. I paint on a daily basis. Sometimes, I go outside with my homemade egg tempera and heavyweight papers. I find a place to sit and I paint my surroundings. On stormy days, I retreat to my studio and drift away in my memories and imagination. When I travel, I always carry a sketchbook with me. I think, feel, and sometimes dream paintings I have not yet painted. I do my best to bring them to life. Every day is a new challenge. No two days and no two paintings are alike.

I invite you to join me on so we can constantly enhance the impact of original art in our lives. This is an infinite game, from which we all benefit and grow. Connecting with each other means the game goes on, allowing more creativity and original art to flow into the our existence. It is a game of creativity and generosity. It is the only game I wish to play.

The rules are quiet simple – I offer several options, all connecting you to my art and making it possible for me to simply share and inspire you through my original paintings and drawings, occasional postcards (delivered by REAL mail) and blog posts about life, art and the many ways in which they connect. You choose how much you wish to pay – you can pay $2, $5, $10, or $15 per month and get posts, drawings, hand painted postcards and paintings (please check the tiers for further details). You are free to join and free to leave. You can also sign up for someone you love who is a true art lover. It’s a beautiful and meaningful gift. By signing up as my patreon you agree to play this game and more important, you give me the permission to influence you.I’m calling you to join me on my journey.Who knows where it might take you on yours?

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