Shirley Kanyon

Original paintings and drawings


More free time appeared as the children grew up.

The youngest was only two years old when 2016 began and turned three Later on, As summer ended. It meant I was no longer carrying him from one place to the other. He could walk, and he did, even run. Yet I needed to watch him all the time, and that left me very little time to paint.

Sketchbook and pen waited patiently in my bag, and sometimes an iPad.

I made drawings of playgrounds in which they used to play, grabbing minutes as opportunities to not only observe, but observe and draw:

Sometimes it happened when they were playing in the little creek:

And sometimes, on a night ride, sitting next to my beloved man, and in the back sit, all three are asleep. The way to the upper Galilée is long and meandering, and night drawing are such a unique occasion: