Shirley Kanyon

Original paintings and drawings


2015 was a walk down memory lane: I spent the year repainting the landscapes I was painting back in the years 2000-2001. The old paintings served as a reference, A tool to remember, help put together views that were once my everyday objects of observation. As I went on painting, images came back to me. I remembered smell, light and many more details I assumed were long forgotten.

I’m writing this from Pennsylvania, and it’s the beginning of 2017 now. Time went by so fast. All of 2015 paintings are packed in my studio back in Israel and all I have with me is this one photo. It will do, for the time being. Paintings are, to me, an evidence of an ongoing process, a journey of skill and observation. I can say now that 2015 was introverted, in terms of painting. I was emerging from the intense first year of a newborn child (my third and last) and needed to go back to my roots. And my roots were planted in the soil of the upper GalilĂ©e, Underneath the mountainside, rising above Kiryat Shemona. When painting the original paintings, around the years 2000-2001, I knew I am still unable to grasp the magnitude of that landscape. Every painting was an effort of attention and comprehension. Coming back to it, so many years later, was a way to practice playfulness with the very same views.