July 2017

It has been six months since we, my family and myself, moved to Pennsylvania. We now live in a quiet rural area, surrounded by farms, fields and forests. It is summertime and indeed, the living is easy. Overwhelmed by the frost and snow of winter, painting only indoors, looking through my window and embracing memories of landscapes I have seen while driving my car, I emerged into the hesitant, delicate spring and on to the green abundant summer, with all the will and enthusiasm in my eyes, heart and hands, and proceeded to paint outdoors, observing and capturing the forest around our home.

I have two blogs now, in Hebrew and English, where I write my thoughts and upload recent paintings. You’re welcome to take a look, simply press on “blog” in the main menu at the top of the page, or go to the links below.


November 2017

Eleven months in Pennsylvania! By now, I have so many paintings and drawings of our garden and of nature around us. I have witnessed spring, summer and fall, and now I’m looking forward to seeing winter again. Every season had its unique colors and shapes, and I was inspired by what was, for me, a breathtaking experience. Being born and raised in Israel, this was all very different and new to me.
I have recently reopened my Etsy shop, which has been on vacation for nearly a year. You are welcome to visit and purchase my recent works online right here: